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中国空调网 - 空调行业门户网站 !

产品信息: 空调 | 空调设备配件 | 空调产品推荐

你现在的位置: 首页 > 产品展示 > 空调设备配件 > 其他 > 供应BKFZ系列防爆风幕机 防爆风幕机 90CM 150CM 120CM 厂家批发

供应BKFZ系列防爆风幕机 防爆风幕机 90CM 150CM 120CM 厂家批发

发布日期:2020年5月13日    乐清市华东防爆空调厂



? Yueqing Juyi Explosion-proof Electric Co Ltd is an individual ownership specialized in producing anti-explosion products,
? 厂地处乐清近邻 104 过道及通台温高速公路,离温州机场 20 公里,是家通过防爆**体系认证,经中国石油化工集团工程建设推荐产品单位、产品种类达数十种之多,在乐清的防爆市场占有率始终保持**、是中国防爆空调机,制冷、热剂以及压缩机的研发生产和销售于一体的防爆专业企业,而今,华东防爆致力于事业的**化销售、生产、华东防爆以**中国的防爆技术不断在中国市场推出超前性的防爆空调产品“永远满足企业的需求”,为目标通过全体员工不懈努力与中国企业共享安全、科技进步之成果与中国的现代共同前进!

it developed constantly Since the foundation in 1999, and became one explosion-protection ?enterprise actived in refrigeration, system heat of anti-explosion, air-condition, ,fluorizating study, electron electric heating of oil hydraulic machine etc multifold fields, especially in refrigeration and system heat aspects of anti-explosion air-condition.
??The location of factory is 20 kilometers near from Wenzhou airport,with quite convenient transportation. ??it is one engineering construction unit ?recommended by petrochemical industry group of China, which contains explosion-protection quality system certification, product series reached to more than ten kinds, and maintains throughout first in Yueqing explosion-proof market.
It is an specialized explosion-protection enterprise with research,development produces and sells to a body for explosion-protection air-condition,refrigeration,medicine of a hot mature and compressor .
??Nowadays, Huadong explosion-protection company devotes to generalized sale and production, and promates continuoursly look-ahead explosion-proof air conditioning products with lead explosion-protection technology in market of China.
??Juyi people will always keep the goal of “ meet coorporations’ demend forever” through untiring effort in order to enjory the harvest of safe, progressive science and technology with chinese corporations.

  • 乐清市华东防爆空调厂 ( hdfbkd.ioaoo.com)
  • 联系人:王浙南
  • 地址:乐清市北白象镇白塔王村开创路190号
  • 手机:13868783233
  • 网址:hdfbkd.ioaoo.com